Netherlands & Flanders on MS Fluvius - map
At a glance
  • Beginning / End:
    Amsterdam / Bruges
  • Duration of trip:
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Distance covered by bike:
    290-300 km / 179-185 mi
  • Distance per day:
    35-55 km / 22-34 mi
  • Altitude profile:
    flat, however you may encounter headwinds
  • Profile:
    predominantly on paved, bikes-only cycle paths
  • Return transfer:
    individually by train,
    look at "Info/arrival"

If you don’t feel like cycling, stay aboard the ship!

Eating and drinking
This tour includes full board. In the mornings, you will receive a hearty breakfast, in the evenings we serve three-course meals. For the bike tours we provide you with packed lunches.

Netherlands & Flanders on MS Fluvius

Cycling from Amsterdam to Bruges from EUR 839

The Tour

Netherlands & Flanders on MS Fluvius

The Netherlands and Belgium aren’t particularly large; therefore a tour between Amsterdam and Bruges by Boat & Bike is easily manageable in a week. Find the similarities and differences between the reformed States General and the Catholic-Spanish Netherlands. Explore countless UNESCO world cultural heritage sites, from individual noteworthy buildings to entire townscapes. You will never be far from the water, whether in the form of canals or the North Sea, which you can access from municipal beaches. This tour in the Netherlands and Flanders on MS Fluvius starts in Amsterdam.
Here you can find details about your boat, the MS Fluvius.

Netherlands & Flanders on MS Fluvius

Day 1 Arrival in Amsterdam, Nigtevecht - Breukelen, approx. 15 km/9 mi
Check-in until 1.30 pm, boat and bike tour, overnight stay in the fortress town Vianen.

Day 2 Vianen - Kinderdijk, approx. 30 km/19 mi + boat trip
Cycle along rivers and canals to Kinderdijk, a village which hosts a large concentration of drainage windmills, which has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 3 Boat trip, Tholen - Kreekrak, approx. 20 km/12 mi, boat trip to Antwerp
First you will cycle tour through one of the rare forest areas, from there through the harbour to the centre of the City of Diamonds - Antwerp.

Day 4 Antwerp - St. Amands, approx. 45 km/28 mi
First you will cycle through the nature reserve Walenhoek. Then you will cycle through the region where the red bricks used to build houses are produced.

Day 5 Boat trip, Dendermonde - Ghent, approx. 50 km/31 mi
First, the river Schelde takes you through typically Flemish villages. Later on you will reach Ghent, once known for its wealth and elegance with its cathedral and magnificent town houses.

Day 6 Boat trip, Vinderhoute - Bruges, approx. 30 km/19 mi
Boat trip during breakfast, then you will cycle along the Ghent-Oostende Canal until you reach Bruges, which is also known as the ‘Venice of the North’ and is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

Day 7 Round trip to the North Sea, approx. 40 km/25 mi
Today you will visit the seaside. 12 kilometres of fine sandy beaches and the nature reserve Het Zwin await you.

Day 8 Departure
After breakfast your tour in the Netherlands and Flanders on MS Fluvius comes to an end.

Netherlands & Flanders on MS Fluvius


Here are the details on MS Fluvius.

Included in your package "Netherlands & Flanders on MS Fluvius" :

  • 7 nights aboard in your chosen category
  • full board (7 x breakfast, 6 packed lunches, 7 x dinner)
  • afternoon coffee and cake served daily
  • cabins are cleaned daily
  • bed linen and towels supplied
  • welcome drink and chat where we will provide you with all the relevant information
  • ferries and waterbus
  • guided cycle tours with 2 guides
  • bike tours are introduced and discussed daily
  • detailed travel documents in english
  • optional rental bike
  • optional rental helmet


  • outside cabins, approx. 10 sqm, with ensuite WC and shower
  • individually controlled air-conditioning and ventilation system
  • level-access beds

Rental bicycles:

  • We offer comfortable unisex-bikes with 7-speed gearboxes and coaster brakes or freewheel, equipped with a bike bag and a bike lock. We also offer e-bikes if desired.

Travel time 2019:

  • Arrival on saturdays


All prices are per person.

  •   839 EUR price small cabin lower deck 20.04.
  •   889 EUR price cabin lower deck 20.04.
  • 1039 EUR price twin cabin upper deck 20.04.
  • 1139 EUR price double cabin upper deck 20.04.
  • 1139 EUR price cabin l.d., single occupancy 20.04.
  •   889 EUR price small cabin lower deck
  •   939 EUR price cabin lower deck
  • 1089 EUR price twin cabin upper deck
  • 1189 EUR price double cabin upper deck
  • 1189 EUR price cabin l.d., single occupancy
  •   75 EUR rental bike
  • 175 EUR e-bike
  •   10 EUR rental helmet

The booking process

The Tour



  • Arrival by car:
    There are three options of parking your car for the duration of the trip. In any case, please drive to the quay first and bring your luggage and (if applicable) personal bike aboard. Then
    - Drive to the car park Oosterdok near Amsterdam Centraal station. Costs are approx. EUR 140 / week.
    - Make use of our parking service from Centralparking. We will arrange for your car to be picked up from the quay, stored safely and returned to the ship. Your vehicle is insured against all types of damage or theft and will be parked in a protected underground facility. Cost: approx. EUR 150 / week.
    - Make use of the free parking space P&R at the train station in Weesp. Back to Amsterdam Centraal station by train, duration approx. 15 minutes, cost approx. EUR 4.
  • Arrival by train:
    Amsterdam Centraal station, get the 48 bus to the quay, duration approx. 10 minutes, cost approx EUR 3.
  • Arrival by plane:
    Shiphol Airport, take the train to Amsterdam Centraal station (approx. 20 minutes, approx. EUR 5), followed by the 48 bus to the quay (approx. 10 minutes / EUR 3)
    Alternatively, get a taxi from the airport to the quay, cost: approx. EUR 45 per vehicle. There are several private and scheduled providers, see e.g. here.

Personal bikes:
In principle, you can bring your own bike along. However, please note that your bike will be loaded on and off the boat twice a day along with several others and therefore slight cosmetic damage to individual bikes cannot be ruled out, which is why we do not take responsibility or liability for such damage. We recommend reserving one the excellent rental bikes we offer.

Return transfer:
Individual return journey by train from Brugge SNCB to Amsterdam Centraal (3 changes, duration approx. 4,5 hours, price approx. EUR 50). Alternatively you can take the Thalys from Brussels (1 change, duration approx. 3,5 hours price approx. EUR 90). You can find additional information regarding parking and your return transfer in your travel documents.

Perfectly looked after:
During your tour, we are available between 8 am and 8 pm, 7 days a week. We are happy to help with any kind of problems you might be having. You will find this emergency number in your travel documents.

Please note:
As is the case with all boat trips, changes in travel itineraries due to the weather, the rivers’ water levels or technical issues can be undertaken at any time.


The Tour
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